Dark prison of my dreams

She was a gloomy one,dressed completely in black.She was not tall,but slim,her hair was black,her make up also and she was like an angel of darkness.

Suddenly Nate caught her look.Those sky-blue eyes…He was shocked.In a  few seconds he could not breathe out.Sloan`s eyes were full of sorrow and despair.Her glance was like a heavy wave that was going to sweep him away.So strange as it may seem,but he was impressed deeply,feeling that he wanted to protect her.

When Nate asked about Sloan,dan laughed at him and said that she was strange,not talkative,all of her own.She doesn`t go anywhere and she did not got friends.

Coming into his room Nate caught himself on a thought that no one had ever interested him so much.

The next day when were in cafeteria Nate was devouring Sloan with his eyes.Suddenly he rose and made his way to her.He reached her and sat next to without asking a permission.Sloan was indifferent to his behaviour,but pronounced,

«People may see»without lifting her eyes up from the book which she was reading.

«It would corrupt your reputation?»asked Nate

«Not smart!»,remarked Sloan.

«Come on!I just want to know u better».

Sloan stood up and left without saying even a word.

A month passed and all efforts made by my friend were in vain.Sloan was not going to give up.Her easy manners,sweet smile and freedom- loving soul were driving Nate crazy,he was head over heels in love.

Once he had drunk as a swyne at the party which was organized in college.

Nate could not stand on his feet and on the way to his room he fell on the ground.It was a windfall,when he noticed Sloan standing in front of him.Nate took the opportunity and talked to her.He explined that there was nothing for him to do,but to drink in order to forget about her.

They talked without restrainet and agreed to date,but she layed down a term-do not drink so much anymore.

From that moment on they were together.Nate learned a lot about her.She was unconfident,free-thinking,defenceless,tender creature-unexampled one.

Time passed and Nate retired from his friends.They were too jealous and cheated Sloan,telling that Nate has another girl.Since then Sloan began keeping distance from him and one day she saw him talking to a girl and couldn`t bear it.

The next day he found a letter in his room,

«Just in case I never see your face again or the worst meant to happen,there is something u should know.I haven`t had a blissful childhood.My parents died,when I was 12 years old,my friends led me down,and now u?Everytime when life was striking back I was putting prohibitations as everythig inside of me was complicated.I isolated myself from society-no friends,no communication,then no pain.It was better for me to be alone.Then u appeared.Before u I lokked through black glasses.

When I turned around,I saw that I`ve put myself into dark prison of my dreams.I caught u cheating.It cut so deep and hurt down to my soul.I couldn`t take this madness.Sorry…»

Nate throw the letter and ran to the bridge which was their place of meeting.He reached and saw Sloan.She was stqanding at the edge.There was nothing but patter of the rain.Nate felt that she was waiting in the dark,looking for a face and was listening,but there was no sound…

She spread her hands,set free her mind and jumped.

The ground slipped from under his feet.He screamed at the top of his voice,fell down on his knees.Tears were falling down…Nate`s soul was torn into pieces…

Then he rose and began walking.He left the city and became a shadow…

Of course,that was not the right time  for Sloan to say goodbye to life.She lost the ability to communicate and there was no one,who might be her listener.Nate`s so-called betrayal made hero put a full stop.So my advice is not isolate yourself so much,if u stumble and fall,dust it off,stand up,it will get better in time.


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