The dark prison of my dreams-another story

Life is the reflection of our imagination.Every detail of it,even the trifling one,leaves  a trace on our minds.What is going on inside the mind?The process of classifing.When an event takes place,a person,if not immediately,thereupon analizes it and learns a lesson.What happens then?A person begins distinguising what is good or bad for himself.As a result ge begans imposig bans and putting obstacles inside himself.In that way people are defending their inner world from the outer one.I`ll tell u a story,in the end of which u`ll see how people may imprison themselves.

One day my car was moving from Los Angeles to San Francisko.A cute guy,who was sitting next to me in it was looking outside the window.He was 21 years old.Nate9that was his name)was tall and very handsome.He was dressed simply.With his jet black eyes and chesnut coloured hair he was standing out.Nate was a ladies`man.We finished high school with high scores and got scholarship to  study in college.His mind was busy with expectations of college,new life,new people and surroundings.I thwarted his thoughts by swiftly stopping the car.We took our baggage to the hostel.It was already evening and we went to bed.

Early in the morning we gotup and prepared for the lessons.Getting our timetable we entered the audience.

During the lesson I`ve mentioned that Nate was exploring people around him.The bell rang and suddenly  he puled me to the cafeteria.

We collided with our friends from L.A. at the entrance and went to have lunch.

We took some sandwiches and soft drinks,gathered around the table and began to eat.One of our friends-Dan dropped a hint pointing at Nate.He was looking to the corner of the room,where was sitting a girl.She was 22 years old.At first,she seemed not atractive for me,but Nate could not take his eyes off her.

He learnt that her name was Sloan.


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